Thursday, June 10, 2010

Intensified Hospitality- Second Concept: Moment Share

In the last post, I've shared with you the first concept of the intensified hospitality project (Intensified Hospitality- First Concept: Intented ) which was about deep authentic, traditional and local experience. In this post I'll share with you another concept which is moment share. Unfornaturely I couldn't put as much effort in explaining this concept as I did in the "intented" concept but I hope the effort made will make it easy for you to get my proposal about it.

Concept Description
This concept is about enabling the guest to leverage the social media capabilities to share his experience with the world. The hotel would embed the recording, capturing and publishing capabilities within the hotel processes. The customer just sets his preferences in the beginning of the stay and then it goes with no interference, he would just comment and interact with his family and friends based on these posts made by the hotel on behalf of him. The hotel also provides a framework for sharing between hotel guests in general who can share knowledge about hotel and local experiences.

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Service Evidencing
The following is an imaginary ad of the service.

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