Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intensified Hospitality- First Concept: Intented

In the following posts I'll publish some of the concepts I got to explain in the explaining phase. Before I start with the first concept I would like to share with the readers that my project innovation focus was on the front office operations. The hotel I did the project for proposes the position of offering arabic-culture driven hospitality. And this will explain the focus on the culture-driven hospitality as one of the concepts.

Concept Description:
The concept is about delivering an authentic, original and traditional hospitality experience in the hotel. The concept will feature painting the hotel with the different aspects of the culture. The concept delivers this value to customer even if he’s staying only for few hours in the hotel. The concept also helps the guest take the experience home with him through the “take it home” concept of being able to buy certain items of the hotel equipments. The hotel utilizes different role-playing and scenarios to help customers live the experience.

Mood Board:


Service Evidencing
The following is an imaginary magazine ad of the service.
Someone saw it and said "Wow, your hotel doesn't have a logo" and he's right. The ad missed a hotel logo.

What do you think about this concept? Did you like it? Would you like to live this experience? What would bother you about it and you'd want improved?

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  1. I like the concept, the guest is always well welcomed and accompanied during it's experience. The final gift is a big plus.

    I thought about giving the choice to the guest in the room, to wear or not (as wish), a typical local dress that could help himself escape for a while from his work and have some exotic adventure. I don't know that much what could be the cultural meaning and it's acceptance.

    Good luck with your concepts

  2. Thanks Adrien for your nice and valuable comment.
    Yeah we can extend the concept to include other service moments. the bathroom, spa, dining all can be painted with culture as well. My wide-scope of innovation focus was only on the front desk operations (reservation, checkin, problem solving and checkout) so this is why I kept it at this level.

    I applied this concept on the Arabian culture but I think it could easily be applied on other cultures as well. Think of it chinese, japanese, indian, scandinavian, russian, african ..etc. I think intercontinental as a hotel is focused on delivering authentic experiences and so I would think that this concept is very close from their value offering.

    Thanks again for your contribution,