Thursday, June 3, 2010

Intensified Hospitality: Concept Blending

Thanks for the comments on the previous post on "Intensified Hospitality: Service Style Cards". Here, I'll present another method for generation that I used in this project. I came up with this method and called it "Concept Blending". The basis of this concept is already there and it's somehow related to lateral thinking. The idea of the method is to pick other service concepts and see if we were to adopt any of the experiences in these concepts in the service we're developing, what can we get to? I've tried 5 service concepts against the hotel to see how we can offer new values in the hotel experience. You can also post your creative ideas.


  1. A receptionist waiting by the door
  2. A table for guest to wait on.
  3. A menu that includes the different accomodation offers
  4. Ability to choose from a wide range of options to make guest’s own experience
  5. Ability to choose an activity in addition to the main stay
  1. Variety of options for almost everything
  2. Ability to buy any item of what the guest likes in the hotel.
  3. Sales and Promotions on stays, food, drinks, services and facilities.
  4. Brands and sub-brands for all services and facilities. 

  1. Hotel checks on the guest as he wishes.
  2. Hotel gets room ready for guest to sleep.
  3. Hotel gives guests free simple medical checks.
  4. Hotel helps guests lead a more healthy life.
  5. Hotel follows up on guest's medicine taking.
  1. Hotel includes a library
  2. Hotel includes a break time where guests get out of rooms and meet in the main areas and socialize.
  3. Books delivered upon check-in.
  4. A teacher about culture and about hotel facilities is available upon request.
  5. Hotel includes rooms that illustrate culture and history backgrounds. 

  1. Printing luggage sticker with room number on it. And a passport sticker for express check-in.
  2. Check-in in the airport shuttle
  3. Messages from Hotel Captain (Manager)
  4. A Duty free shop in the hotel
  5. Hourly stay rate

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