Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Google & Pixar: 2 Cases of Culture Creation in Innovation Centered Businesses (3)

Be Customer-Focused and the Rest Will Follow

Being customer-focused simply means that you dream, plan, design, implement and improve with customer in mind. And the first customer to think of is your internal customer. Carefully, selecting the right people who meet the requirements and comply with the business culture is vital. Google’s executives participate in the hiring process themselves and review every single offer. In the early days of Google, having previous work experience was negative as it means that your experience may contradict with the model.
One of Pixar community’s basic beliefs is that talent is rare. Pixar is very strict with their bringing in of the required fresh-bloods. Once, you have your internal customers in, empowering, supporting and rewarding them is crucial for your success with the external customers.
Be customer-focused and don’t mix the business goals with the financial objectives. Eric Schmidt sees Google’s goals to include end-user happiness with search and advertising, growing and scaling the business as it grows and the construction of Google’s network of partners to achieve the other goals. Eric believes that the business financial objectives of maximizing shareholder’s value or revenues are a subsequent of achieving the goals.

Water It, It’ll Grow
Culture is not an injection; it’s something that develops overtime. The more it remains the more fruits it will have which in return will enrich the culture and widen the culture’s adoption. Google’s culture defined its outcomes. The culture drew the behavior and all the executives were playing according to the rules. Many Google’s executives have grown up inside the company and they breathe the culture. Google’s dynamic culture has moved to different ways of thinking in the software development industry, the web as a whole, and introduced the agile development to the product and service development. Any business’s culture should be affecting all aspects of business starting from strategies down to job descriptions and even buildings. Google’s strategy is known to have been written in a couple of minutes on the board before one of the 2 founders had to run for dinner, while the other filled in the details. Steve Jobs’s Pixar building is a piece of art that aims in supporting a high level of communication and interaction among Pixar’s team.

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